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Video Library

Asset Allocation and Diversification

How to use the principles of asset allocation and diversification in any investment approach. The video covers all the aspects to be aware of in respect of this important aspect of investment planning.

Estate Planning and Inheritance Tax

This video outlines how estate planning is the key factor to focus on when thinking about a legacy. Inheritance Tax is a key component part and taking steps to plan for the least amount of tax payable makes sense, but this should be in the context of the wider planning as the video explains.

Optimising your Pension

How a pension 'performs' can make a huge difference to the eventual pay out when an individual reaches retirement. This video explores how to go about trying to ensure the best - or optimum - return on pension funds is achieved. To generate the highest future sum possible at a given level of risk.

Cash flow Financial Planning

A video which explains how cash flow planning works. This is a very particular way of organising ones finances around long-term income and expenditure forecasts. Projecting these into the future produces scenarios which can help individuals make informed decisions today about the best way to plan ahead.

The Benefit of Independent Advice

Advice can play a crucial role in making the right financial decisions and finding the best long-term solutions. Advice can either be restricted or independent as explained in this video. The benefits of getting advice and where and when it makes sense are also outlined.

Income Drawdown

Income Drawdown is a method of taking income from a Pension Plan which has become very popular since the introduction of Pension Freedom. Anyone planning their income in retirement should be familiar with this method. However it is far from straightforward and requires some care. This is a video which outlines the main factors individuals will need to take into account.

Investing for Income

Investing for Income is all about balancing out a series of factors. Knowing how to do this and getting it 'right' can make a big difference to eventual outcomes. This is a video which focuses how to approach the subject of investing, when income is the most important requirement.

Life Assurance

Life assurance is the bedrock of all financial planning, it is the insurance families need to protect their loved ones and to ensure the long-term family future is properly protected. But life assurance needs to be carefully structured, with the right type and level of cover chosen as the video explains.

Financial Planning for Business Owners

Business Owners have special financial considerations and opportunities because their positions entail interacting their business and personal finances. This opens up different aspects and options, which this video illustrates.

Pension Freedom Video

Pension Freedom is the name given to the rules that now apply to personal-type pensions and how these can be accessed from age 55. Pension investors are free to use their fund in different ways and to access the full value of the fund. This extra freedom has to be treated with great care, as there are possible tax implications and also a real prospect of the fund being depleted during retirement if the pension is poorly managed.

Residence Nil Rate Band Video

The Residence Nil Rate Band is the added Inheritance Tax allowance which relates to the value of a home. This can help increase the amount individuals can leave to their beneficiaries before any tax is payable. However the allowance can easily be lost and comes with lots of small complications, making it highly advisable to plan to make sure the allowance is fully utilised wherever possible.

Pension Consolidation

Pension Consolidation is the act of bringing old pensions together into one new plan, which can have many benefits. However, it can also have drawbacks. This is a video which covers the subject and brings to your attention the main points that need considering if you have a range of older pensions.